BIM implementation

Building Information Modeling or building information modeling covers all stages of the building life cycle from design to demolition. Such a model considers all the details and, in addition to plans and 3D models of the building, takes into account the physical characteristics of structures, their wear and tear and cost at any given time.

BIM unites a lot of data in one information space about the main building structures, equipment, engineering networks, and other parameters that affect the functionality and cost of the facility. As a result, when replacing one structure or element - for example, windows from a 2-chamber double-glazed unit to 3-chamber ones - you will immediately see changes in heat calculations, cost, and operational life of the building.

The creation of a BIM project begins at the stage of developing a building concept and each stage adds new data to the model: building architecture, communication networks, equipment, interior decoration. After putting the object into operation, the model is transferred to the management company, which can enter data on service work, repairs, and reconstruction in order to visually see the deterioration of the building.

BIM can read information from sensors and manage security systems, signaling equipment malfunction, or increased pressure on structures.

Our employees perform all the necessary steps to launch the work of BIM systems and transfer them to the owner after the building has been put into operation.

Such complex systems, which take into consideration all the parameters of the building - technical, economic, and operational - reduce the time for making decisions, presenting ready-made data, on the basis of which it is easier to choose a specific action plan. You can replace materials with more durable ones and see how the life of the building changes, or you can schedule repairs more often than required by the regulations and extend the useful life by several years.

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