Residential complexes

The creation of residential complexes with a well-thought-out structure, a unified architectural solution, and effective use of territories is one of the directions of development, the profitability of which depends on the concept of the project and the strategy of its implementation.

When planning, the main indicators are taken into account to decide what class the housing will be, how much investment is needed, and how to manage the finished objects in the future.

Only after determining the initial parameters, a working concept of the project is drawn up, which will take into account the class of future housing - economy, business or higher - technical and architectural solutions and the expected benefits. The concept should contain detailed information to interest investors and attract them to participate in the project.

At this stage, it is important to determine:

  • Construction site: transport accessibility, size of the land plot, availability of communications and social facilities, accessibility of business areas and other important facilities;
  • Market demand: recent trends, availability of demand for housing, financial capabilities of buyers;
  • The goals of the developer and investor;
  • Technical capabilities: what buildings are allowed to be built on the selected site, restrictions, and other parameters.

In addition to design, the development includes many more stages: a selection of contractors and suppliers, control over construction, installation and finishing processes, paperwork, disposal of construction results, and further operation of buildings. In order for each stage to pass with the maximum benefit for the investor, real estate development should be carried out by professionals whose experience allows them to quickly and efficiently solve problems that arise in the course of work.

The CVL Construction team designs build and handles the Residential Complexes based on the original project objectives, market needs, and opportunities. Our Clients receive detailed reporting and can track the return on investment at all stages, make adjustments, and plan a further marketing strategy.

We cooperate only with trusted suppliers and contractors and control all stages of construction and installation work, as well as the preparation of documents and permits, and organize the management of residential buildings and communications after the objects are put into operation.

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