Technical audit of real estate objects

A technical audit identifies physical deficiencies and gaps in the accompanying documentation, the elimination of which guarantees safe operation and facilitates further management, repairs, renovations and sale of the building.

Before carrying out work in buildings, it is necessary to assess the technical condition of structural elements and engineering networks. This is required both for objects built by an unknown developer or without full technical documentation and for buildings that have been managed by various third-party organizations for many years.

A technical audit from CVL Construction is:

  • Checking and assessing the quality of materials and structures;
  • Evaluation of design solutions;
  • Verification of legal documents, their compliance with the real object;
  • Analysis of contracts with counterparties and resource supplying companies;
  • Assessment of the quality of previously performed work;
  • Recommendations for the replacement or repair of individual elements and structures based on the results of the survey;
  • Comprehensive opinion on the technical condition of the building and the compliance of the documentation with regulatory requirements.

The audit shows weaknesses and shortcomings, the correction of which saves our Clients financial and labor resources to maintain the building's working condition. For industrial complexes, an assessment of the technical condition allows ensuring the safe operation of complex and hazardous facilities and avoiding fines.

We offer solutions for each building and complex, depending on the initial state and planned use, while taking into account the wishes of the Client. It is possible to calculate different financial models for objects - with the preservation of parameters, improvement, or pre-sale preparation.

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