Industrial engineering

The construction of industrial facilities requires an individual approach, regardless of the purpose of the facility. Warehouses, production buildings, and complex industrial complexes are designed not only with regard to the requirements of reliability and environmental friendliness. These are complex systems in which every detail affects efficiency: convenient location of premises and equipment, accessibility to transport and equipment, availability of protective structures, and other factors.

Particular attention is paid to engineering systems since the performance of the entire complex depends on their reliability and ease of use, and the payback of the final product depends on the operating costs.

When working with each object, regardless of its size and complexity, we select individual solutions based on the Сlient's objectives and also monitor the safety and reliability of all structures, not only for production participants but also for the environment and nearby cities.

To minimize costs and construction time, CVL offers a full cycle of services starting from project development to turnkey commissioning of the facility.

Our specialists:

  • Prepare a project taking into account the location on the selected site and the use of available engineering networks;
  • Calculate an estimate for materials and work;
  • Put together a phased plan for the implementation of all construction and installation works;
  • Coordinate projects and works with supervisory authorities;
  • Will select reliable suppliers of construction and finishing materials;
  • Will complete all stages of construction within the agreed time frame.

You’ll only have to receive the object and start production.

We provide transparent and understandable reporting on the implementation of each stage, we control the safety of employees at facilities in order to reduce the risks of downtime due to force majeure situations. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the construction and installation work performed even in technologically complex areas.

Depending on the set tasks, the project can be optimized for the minimum construction time or costs can be optimized so as to not exceed the planned budget. We discuss these and other issues of cooperation and communication before starting work on the project, so our team will be able to provide you with the most optimal solution for each task.

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The company's reputation is created by satisfied Clients. CVL is proud to work with each of its partners and remembers all the completed projects. Responsible attitude to each project brings us not only grateful Clients, but also reliable friends with whom it is pleasant to work on new projects.

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