June 2019

Working on a construction site is the next challenge.

BI Group has built a shift camp BI-Camp, providing comfortable conditions for work and rest for its employees and teammates. It was cool there: a great office, a cool dining room, a sports ground, a laundry room, a training center, a cafe, a shop, a beauty salon, even a gamer's game center. Each room has new furniture, always fresh bed linen, air conditioning, TV, fast internet via wi-fi. In general, all in order for people to work and be happy with the living conditions.

Competently solved the issue of delivery of personnel to the construction sites. Dozens of shuttle buses departed from the town at 6 a.m., which regularly scheduled between the objects and BI-Camp. And also between Prorva and Atyrau. Again, everything is for people.

Wherever you are, order prevails, safety requirements are met, and a checkpoint system is in place. Requirements and rights are the same for everyone. Every employee (worker or supervisor) has the right to stop any work immediately if he or she believes there is a threat to life and health. This really works. Thus, the BMEI project has recorded 5 million man-hours without accidents.

The construction lasted more than a year. During this time, several thousand builders and specialists of related professions worked side by side as a single team: they created project documentation, assembled metal structures, covered buildings with wall panels, erected partitions, installed the necessary equipment, built tanks, installed pipelines and performed many other works.

The CVL team supervised the installation of HVAC equipment, galvanized and stainless steel ducts, copper piping, air diffusers, and fasteners. She also performed pre-commissioning and commissioning of HVAC partitioning systems.

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