June 2019

CVL company has long and successfully developed in partnership with BI GROUP. For the last 10 years, our company has completed up to 50% of BI GROUP objects. In autumn 2017, we became partners in the BMEI oil and gas project within the framework of the MaTrag project. Cargo transportation route in the Future Expansion Project. This is an international project to improve the transportation of goods arriving by sea.

The 3rd generation plant is being built using a modular method. The modules are produced in Kazakhstan, South Korea, Italy. Such a module can reach the size of an apartment building. The modules come to the sea base, are loaded on land transport, and delivered to the plant by cargo road.

For CVL, this project was the first of its kind in the oil and gas industry. Participation in it became a serious challenge and a test of the strength of both our company and management and our relationships with customers.

The first challenge was designing - working documentation.

Did you know that in such projects it is necessary to observe not only the standards adopted in the Republic of Kazakhstan but also the requirements set out in a specially developed philosophy and design basis from the main Customer? These standards are sometimes difficult to compare with each other. We had to practice a lot of business English to convince foreign engineers that our design standards should have an advantage in some cases. The main argument was that our Kazakhstani builders will build the facilities. They are more accustomed to reading the design documentation in a format they are familiar with. It turned out to be convincing.

Delivery of basic equipment from Europe is another challenge.

Delivery was accompanied by serious control by the Customer at all its stages. Bureau Veritas confirmed the quality of our equipment directly at the factories-manufacturers in Austria, France, and Italy, where each piece of equipment was tested in laboratory conditions. After all, the main customer wants to be sure that the supplier will provide 100% quality.

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