June 2020

I used to say, "You have to change to not stand still".

To change means to be flexible and dynamic, to acquire other skills, to increase competencies, to introduce new or more relevant technologies at a given moment. With the pandemic, society has a new and key need: clean, virus-free air. Thus, the task of our company was to build a new air supply system for medical and commercial institutions in the country.

To achieve this goal, the usual ventilation was complemented by a filtration system and bactericidal protection of the air supplied to the premises. It provides separation and regulation of air flows between rooms, creates negative pressure, filtration, and decontamination.

The final stage is a set of works on the creation of a local antibacterial controlled environment in the working zone of medical, pharmaceutical, and other institutions with increased requirements to air purity. This stage is realized by creating a laminar flow of sterile air. ⠀

Many owners of business centers, sports and shopping malls, offices, and catering establishments also implement air disinfection systems through supply ventilation systems within their walls. Our team is proud to be able to protect the lives of people in such a difficult epidemiological situation.

Every day, we do everything we can to make sure that the virus goes away from you, your colleagues, and your loved ones.

Rustem Itemirov

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June 2020
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