September 2019

Let's conquer the new heights.

For 18 years, CVL has been successfully installing heating, water supply, ventilation, and cooling systems. Now we have another successfully completed project before you: "Autonomous boiler house in Ekibastuz for servicing a complex of showers for 1600 people".

Delivery and installation of power supply and lighting systems on this project are rightfully owned by CVL masters. For us it is the first similar experience in the field of electrical supply, first, but qualitative and reliable.

The result of the CVL team's work was a boiler house with a total heat output of 840 kW (3 Evan boilers, high-speed flow electric heaters and 2 water-heating electric boilers with a four-stage power control system are installed, and a ventilation system for removing excess heat from equipment is also provided). The works have been completed as usual in time, the acceptance report has been signed in time, the final inspection has been successfully completed, and the permit for commissioning has been received. The customer is satisfied.

Not many people know that CVL has a general construction license of the first category, which gives the right to build any objects on the territory of Kazakhstan: houses, roads, bridges, hotels, factories and hospitals, and so on.

We also have a design license of the second category, thanks to which we can create various projects for subsequent implementation. We are now confidently heading towards turnkey construction.

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