Management of finishing works

The design and decoration of residential and public spaces affect the mood, self-organization, initiative, and creativity of the people who live or work in the space. Properly organized office space and business centers with quality finishes and convenient infrastructure create a working atmosphere and maintain the company's reputation.

The management of finishing works from CVL Construction includes all the necessary stages for the design of such interiors:

  • Choice of concept and style of design;
  • Creation of design for premises;
  • Holding tenders, selecting contractors and counterparties;
  • Quality management and timing of construction and installation works;
  • Control of the installation of furniture, engineering systems;
  • Legal registration, including coordination with supervisory authorities for fire safety;
  • Delivery of completed objects to tenants and operating organizations.

The most comfortable, efficient, and stylish interiors are obtained when specialists take into account the quality of the materials used, the functionality of the premises, and the style of interior decoration.

Our team develops design concepts for office decorating. The quality and usability of materials play an important role in the project. We design durable and easy-to-use interiors for both budget facilities as well as premium offices.


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The company's reputation is created by satisfied Clients. CVL is proud to work with each of its partners and remembers all the completed projects. Responsible attitude to each project brings us not only grateful Clients, but also reliable friends with whom it is pleasant to work on new projects.

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