Construction of infrastructure facilities

The comfort and quality of life in modern cities depends on the quality and availability of infrastructure facilities. Communications and transport networks, schools, medical institutions, administrative buildings and other facilities that improve the quality of life in a district or city, not only provide safety and comfort, they also increase the attractiveness of real estate and its value.

Infrastructure objects can be conditionally divided into engineering and social facilities. The former guarantees the availability of electricity, water supply, and transport accessibility; for new areas, such communications are laid at the very beginning in order to speed up construction work.

Social infrastructure is much broader, it includes:

  • Management and utility companies;
  • Hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and other medical facilities;
  • Schools, kindergartens, etc.;
  • Police stations and other structures responsible for security;
  • Shopping centers, shops, markets, supermarkets;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Sports grounds, stadiums, gyms;
  • Public transport;
  • Banks, post offices, delivery services.

Not all infrastructural facilities bring direct income, but the presence of each object significantly increases the cost of commercial and residential real estate in the area, therefore, when building new residential complexes, transport interchanges, schools and hospitals are often built simultaneously with residential buildings. Improvement of infrastructure and development of existing cities will significantly increase the attractiveness for investors and future buyers, such improvements can be combined with the reconstruction of business centers and retail space to increase the attractiveness of the object.

CVL Construction works individually with each Client, therefore we will adapt the project to your terms, find the optimal financial solution, and take into account all the features of the surrounding development. Design and construction of infrastructure facilities have their own characteristics, thus we delegate such tasks to experienced employees. They have already worked with similar facilities and control the quality of each operation, allowing to reduce risks, costs, and at the same time create efficient infrastructure facilities and networks for end-users.

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