Complex management of development and construction projects

We provide services in development projects, design, construction, commissioning - at all stages of the project life cycle. Projects can be quite complex and capital-intensive and require a professional, versatile team of process engineers, builders, pricing specialists, and lawyers.

Our many years of experience in the field of construction project management helps investors to optimize budgets and terms of project implementation, improving their quality by making optimal managerial and engineering decisions.

Our specialists will take care of document development and administration of the following processes:

  • Creation of commercial and architectural product concept;
  • Permission to collect;
  • Communication and coordination of issues with local authorities;
  • Site Design;
  • Selection of suppliers and holding of tenders;
  • Control of contractors' work;
  • Compliance with safety standards at the construction site;
  • Financial and management reporting;
  • Commissioning of the facility;
  • Creation of a common project archive.

In the process of development and construction project management, we offer to the Customer variants of problem solution taking into account the declared requirements on terms and cost of object erection.

CVL Construction works individually with each Client, so we can adapt the project to your terms, find the optimal financial solution, and select the most profitable suppliers and contractors.

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The company's reputation is created by satisfied Clients. CVL is proud to work with each of its partners and remembers all the completed projects. Responsible attitude to each project brings us not only grateful Clients, but also reliable friends with whom it is pleasant to work on new projects.

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