Dear friends and dear partners!

I am sincerely glad to welcome you from all friendly staff of the "CVL" company!

For the best understanding - who are we and in what we can be useful for each other, the CVL company presents to your attention the short catalog about the main directions of own activities, results and achievements.

In general, I want to note aspects by which we will find general points for interaction and a long cooperation.

In success basis we put satisfaction of customers with results of our work. Respectively, we do everything possible for this purpose.

It is confirmed by the developing partnership with the main representatives of the construction market of Kazakhstan. And, certainly, uncountable quantity of grateful feedbacks.

For many years, despite all external and internal changes, the CVL Company remains faithful to the values: invariable improvement of quality of the offered goods and services, individual approach to needs of each client.

For this purpose the company constantly implements effective methods of management - continuous work on team and processes, strengthening of the competences, implementation of new technologies.

We want that your house or office which you build for yourself or for the clients, really was cozy and comfortable for long stay in it.

We are ready to create together with you that result of which it is possible to be proud.

Yours faithfully,

General Director

Rustem Itemirov

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